Robert and Scott Cerny have been playing music together since they were just young bucks, coming up together in a rural Illinois town.  While the music itself has taken on different forms over the years, it has always had one simple and cellular foundation in which it is firmly based: brotherhood.  It’s one that has stood up against the test of time, carrying them from their adolescent and early adult years in the Midwest, to their long journey westward to their current base, Los Angeles.  The music, rooted in a time-honored blend of Folk and Americana styles, has been shaped by long instilled values of hard-work, dedication, and honesty.

After initially performing as a duo, shortly after moving to Los Angeles, the brothers were honored to welcome drummer Cody Fontes and upright bassist Gabe Davis to the family.  Since the 2011 release of their debut album Dream, The Cerny Brothers have played over 40 shows in Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area and built up a loyal following.

In July of 2012, The Cerny Brothers ventured to Ojai, California, a small farming community that sits nestled at the base of the rolling hills and mountains that surround it.  It was there that the band would enter the studio with producer Matt Linesch (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' chart-topping album "Here") to record their second album.  On their yet-to-be released sophomore effort, The Cerny Brothers embraced a more energetic, exciting sound that reintroduces them as a band.  The band's unique American Folk Rock sound featuring the banjo and acoustic instruments holds both with the power and the intimacy that can be found at any Cerny Brothers live show.  It’s raw, it’s driving, and it finds it’s home in truths that are unique to each and every listener.

The Cerny Brothers play music that inspires a sincere and genuine connection between them and their fans – a connection that is unique, timeless, and simply cannot be ignored.

T H E    C E R N Y    B R O T H E R S
(Available on May 28th)  

1. All I Need
2. Ohio
3. Don’t Run
4. Darling
5. Mountainsong
6. Out of Time
7. Sunrise
8. Worry
9. Whiskey

All Songs Written by Robert and Scott Cerny
Performed by The Cerny Brothers
(Released on November 4th, 2011)  

1. Whoa Whoa Whoa
2. I Want You To Run
3. She's Always On My Mind
4. Caroline
5. Too Damn Hard
6. Don't Be Afraid Of The Light
7. Sing Out Of My Soul
8. Less A Man
9. The Thief
10. Undone
11. Dream

All Songs Written by Robert and Scott Cerny
Performed by Robert and Scott Cerny and The Giving Tree Band



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Quinn Johnston

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